Wife banter

Hey Hey Hey!. How are we all feeling this holiday spirit. on this side, there is a lot to do that requires financial attention, so many needs, obligations and desires. And then the traffic has been crazy doing this season. Anyhow, we are grateful for live and hope.

This morning I was so upset that o had so much to do and my significant other had no help to render. This meant that i got my daughter to creche late for her Christmas photoshoot with her classmates. It was sad for me, but I couldn’t help but think, if only Mr Combs had helped me out here and there. So I called him up to let him know, because often times as women/wives we get mad without communicating the anger and why we are upset to the person responsible. And in his usual style he went in a defensive mode and took a selfish stance. Not that his response surprised me but it irritated me and mad me more upset with myself for  the stress in my life. To my daughter I am deeply sorry for my role in not making sure you got to creche early for the photoshoot.

As I turned thirty this year I realized that the greatest job I have had till date is being a Mother and the worst job I have had (apart from where I currently work) is being a Wife. In addition, so many people want to get married or bigger responsibilities but are not ready to take responsibility for their leadership and be selfless. As mother hen we have male children we owe it to God to teach them to be selfless, gentlemen ,courteous, inspirational, compassionate, affectionate, kind and helpful as a spouse, father, companion and a lover. A lot of men expect and want the best attitude to their mothers and sisters, but they are not applying the same formula to how they relate with their wife.

Just like you guys, I am sure you are tired of me subbing, shading or being critical of my spouse- trust me I am too. After a few years of marriage, I pray for the strength to ignore him to the point that his actions or inaction become insignificant to my own actions. And eventually be able to lower my expectation towards him so much that nothing he does would surprise me or get to me. That is something I am working on as i step into 2018.

Thinking about my goals for 2018, I would like to learn how to put my design sketches and imagination into reality. I also want to discover my purpose and get my dream started on being an OAP. Today I want to close with a quote which I heard Joe Biden refer to on his interview on The View:

” There is 3 parts to happiness- Something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to”



Ms Combs

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