Super baby

One of the scariest things a mother can be faced with is seeing her child in physical pain or in danger and being helpless about it. More so when you have a bold and adventurous kid, its just scary raising such a kid. My kid does scary things that appear painful most times and she doesn’t cry and it makes me wonder what kind of heart she has.

I don’t know what my 1 year old daughter was thinking one night, but she decided to be a Super baby and decided it was wise to climb out of her cot. I was horrified that night. Luckily for us, the room where the cot is is padded and rugged so she had a fair fall. The only thing that posed a danger was that her cot is in between the dressing table and the bed . This means that there is very small space between the dressing table, the cot and the bed. Ideally this should have made the fall bloody, because she missed hitting her head on the dressing table by inches. Funny thing is that she cried a lot that night, not necessarily from the fall but because I and my husband had to hold her down to apply a cold compress and she hates it when we do that. After the cold compress I gave her some paracetamol and then she slept. Good thing is that by morning time, at least there was no visible swelling or fever, and for that we are so grateful to God for watching over her and always having his angels caring for her.

The next day my husband dropped the height of the cot lower, so that the safety bar is above her head. I am thankful that she came out of this with only a bruise and she did not suffer any major injury or a concussion. I say this because this week, I received some bad news about an aged family friend  who tripped and fell , but failed to get prompt and thorough medical attention, so she died of a concussion.

On another note, I have been trying to wean my baby off breast feeding. It has been a battle. I mean she is refusing to be weaned off it. It has become her go-to pacifier to sleep off. I am hoping I am successful at it. She cries for long just trying to get me to succumb to breastfeeding her. I now make cocoa drink with milk in a bottle for her to drink at night, but she angrily pushes it away. I guess we have to take baby steps to get it right.

Wish me luck!



Ms Combs

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