I am a Hireling!

The other day, my hubby shared the word for the day from his dictionary app with me. The word is HIRELING. It made me realise how sad, pathetic, depressing and uninspiring my career situation is at the moment. I mean, you know your career is depressing when an English word exist to aptly describe your situation or status in life. It doesn’t even feel better to know that the uncertainties of life and financial obligations, as well as parental obligations put  more pressure on you to take charge of the narrative.

Throughout this struggle, one thing that disturbs me is that many employers say they want dedicated, committed , reliable, dutiful and honest staff who possess the ability to show initiative, innovation and leadership; but in actual fact they are not willing to give random people who are hungry to grow a chance in their organisation. I have never seen a country so structured to kill your success drive, creativity and hardwork. My eagerness and willingness to work sand provide excellent service is being killed by the rot and decay in the Nigerian system.

The other day I was selected at work to attend a sensitization programme on ‘’the ease of doing business’’. Basically the programme was designed to educate people on the innovations (processes, systems and structures) being introduced by government to make business easy for investors as a restorative measure to get the country out of the recession. As well as to re-orientate the staff of government who interface with the public on the right attitude to work. Can you imagine that during the event, the staff where so unruly, noisy and lacked basic comportment. I was appalled.  Lunch packs were served towards the end of the event and people literally were fighting to get one. By the end of the event the hall was literally filled with pockets of people. Meanwhile the top level management staff where seated while all  this  misconduct was ongoing.  But then again I resolved that the government deserves what it gets, for not selecting staff based on merit but on sentiments of cultural affiliation, personal relation and self recognition. The kind of passion I have for excellence and work, my commitment and desire for career progression and to be part of a youthful revolution in government will have been treated like gold in anyother country, but No not in Nigeria.

I can only hope that one day as I market myself without fail, someone will take a chance on me and I can guarantee that they will NEVER regret it! Nonetheless, I am grateful for where I am in life, because it could have been worse but for God’s grace- No pity party here pls!

Meanwhile, are you a fellow HIRELING, let us kumbaya together??? lool




Ms Combs

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