Three words you live by

Take a minute,think of what values you consider most important than any other thing, things that are deal breakers. Then stop thinking! what are they?

For me its Honesty,Loyalty and Humanity/Compassion . I am sure trust was supposed to be on that list but that is worthless these days. Today I got to catching up with music videos on Youtube and Vevo. I watched Jay Z’s 4:44 music video and my gosh that was some real conscious and honest music. The artistry of that work was based on love, truth and socio-cultural experiences. And then the music video of ”the Story of OJ” was meaningful subliminal lyrical genius. I just don’t know how to explain when i hear and get to relate with deep people. And thats why I hold deep conversation so dear to my heart.

It takes a real man to come out publicly and admit to cheating on his wife then make music about it. I mean for him to take his mistakes to heart, digest and internalize it for all of us to understand their family situation, while still creating art.

From the beginning to the end of my digression in this post, all I am saying is ”Live your Truth”, don’t bullshit yourself.



Ms Combs

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