Random facts about me

I was just sitting watching TV with my lil Baby Combs and I started thinking of weird, normal, spontaneous, abnormal,freaky or whatever name you choose to call it, things about me.So here goes:

  1. I love the color purple (preferably royal purple and lavender)
  2. I cant sleep without washing my face and feet
  3. I like Asian food
  4. In my mind I am a water baby, because i like playing with water
  5. I am a conversationist, I absolutely love a good gister, somebody you can make great conversation with
  6. I am a silent nerd
  7. I am a perfectionist
  8. I am OCD
  9. I am a budgetnista, i am always looking for a discount or great deal
  10. I day dream /fantasize a lot
  11. I like driving
  12. I don’t joke with food
  13. I am very prudent and resourceful
  14. I am a sucker for salads, fruits, ice-cream, indomie noodles and crispy potato chips ( I guess you have figured that out going through the blog)
  15. I am scared/terrified of cockroaches
  16. I cant swim
  17. I love dancing
  18. I really like watching ”Sophia the first”, she has an amiable character.
  19. I love shopping
  20. I think I am indifferent about sex, oops!
  21. In another life I am a professional contemporary dancer in the day and a Chef at night
  22. I love Mango fruit
  23. The first Rap album I bought was ”Get rich or die tryin”


Ms Combs

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