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How you all doing Combians? There is so much to be stressed with and by in this world, especially in this part of the world where the systems and structures work backwards and upside down almost against you. But amidst all this, there are some stuff you do not need in your life to add to the stress.

There are a few things that piss me off and I don’t care to be bothered¬† by when dealing with people

  • People who feel entitled
  • People with bad attitude
  • People who refuse to listen to advise when its staring them in the face
  • People who do the same thing and get the same bad result, but never change strategy
  • People who you have to walk on eggshells around while with them
  • People who lack comportment and decorum
  • Ungrateful people and people who lack appreciation when others go out of their way to do favors for them
  • Lazy people and fake people
  • people that are detached from reality
  • Yes people

I have a lot of stuff I have deal with in my life as a human being, as a working mother and as a mother to a little toddler, to deal with bad attitude and the like. There are a lot of emotional and psychological fluctuations going on , and you have to stay strong and be strong. So definitely there will be breaking moments and tipping points, but you still work at keeping it together. Meanwhile nobody checks up on you to truly find out your state of well-being. this means you always have to have your own back and be your own cheerleader.

Before you go ahead and judge me that this list will exclude almost everybody on the planet, understand my background situation. I used to be an insecure and shy person who was not confident in her skin, I had to find myself, build myself , unbuild, rebuild, learn, unlearn and relearn things. But haven gone through life for 30years now, I have had to do a lot of self awareness, conversations with myself and my alter ego, self loving, self discovery, learning life lessons,¬† and self development. And I have found wisdom , maturity, self respect and confidence. I have found that a good character will take you places you never imagine, help you meet people and keep friendships , and ultimately is key to being a decent ”human being”. So I am at a point in my life where my confidence level is 150% and nothing can break my character and personality and I only have time for things that matter and add value or give value.

This week I heard two statements that struck me at my core , and I will like to share with you all :

”Perception is truth”

Meaning whatever character people perceive about you is what they consider to be truth, without spending enough time to decipher the real you. So put your best foot forward.


”Worry about being respected never worry about being liked, because that’s the trap . That’s where people manipulate you”– Jada Pinkett Smith

At the end of the day people help people, and this is the cycle. Stay Blessed and motivated people.


Ms Combs

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