Its almost my Birthday

Hey Combians, it is another time in the year where I gear up to celebrate my birthday. This year is no different, because I will be turning the big 30. For me this marks a beginning to greater things. I am usually big about birthday celebrations but somehow I never get around to hosting friends or hanging out on my big day. My usual tradition is to get myself something valuable for a birthday gift and just chill at home.

This year I am pulling up my big girl panties and I think I would like to have a night out with one or two friends (my hubby not included). Basically I want to spend this birthday with my lovely infant and very close friends. In fact I wish I could financially afford a quick getaway somewhere, a little splurge and some nice dining out. Financially, I don’t think I can afford either of these two, but God works in mysterious ways and anything can happen between now and the actual birthday month. I wont be putting out a birthday wish list this year because it was useless in the previous years, nobody got the cue except me. I think my mum got me the most thoughtful gift last year and I appreciate that, because coincidentally they were one or two items on my 2016 wish-list, which were a bottle of Eternity Moments, graceland shoes, a cute human hair wig and a CK handbag ** now you see she gifts well. Just so you know she didn’t give me all the gifts at once but in groups **.  Mr Combs took his time and celebrated my birthday sometime in the evening of my birthday around 4pm, he bought me a box of cupcakes and a football jersey of my favorite club. This year at the top of my mental list is landed property or some investment.

As I turn 30, I really want to work on not being another angry and bitter black woman, I tell you it is difficult, but I am sure it is possible to have a full circle. I am usually in deep conversations with myself as you all can tell by now, and I ”pondered with” myself about some things I regret thus far in my life and here they are. One is remaining a virgin till getting married. The second is reading law instead of business management or brand management.  Third is probably getting married, I don’t think marriage is for everybody, especially when you have trust issues generally about human behavior and communication difficulty with a spouse. Fourth is probably not taking a risk on a love in the past. Lastly, is I feel I should have lived life a little more than I did, by doing a little bad girl things here and there but nothing wild. At the end of my regret my silver lining is being a mother to a delightfully smart infant.

All in all, my life has not been bad at all, it is not great or fabulous, it is not where I want to be, but it is a decent life and I am grateful to God, and I am elated to have a lovely daughter who is just my joy and happiness, meanwhile I am working on being greater.



Ms Combs

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