Happy Birthday Ms Combs

Hello people…. It is with great joy and Jesus happiness that i welcome you all today. It has been a trying year and a hopeful year. I have gone through the different levels of emotions but whatever fire,rain or storm we may go through what matter is that we all know we are diamonds in the mud. And that at the end of the process we can only get better ,stronger and polished.

This year I hoped for a birthday celebration with a barbecue feast with my closest friends or a private dinner at a fine restaurant or a nice vacay or girls trip (one or the other definitely not all). I didn’t quite get any of that, but Mr Combs gave me a treat for some decent shopping , a pedicure treat and fine dining at a very nice Chinese restaurant, and then I treated myself to a nice Pineapple parfait (which tasted great). I got a black ankle boot heeled shoe from my mum but apart from these two no other birthday gifts. I really hoped I would have been able to buy myself some genuine virgin human hair as a birthday gift. I have come to realize that its about quality and not quantity. My birthday weekend was not too bad. On Saturday I and Mr Combs went for an end of the year party where I got dressed up and had some alcohol and felt good about myself (that God I am not pregnant and nursing anymore). Drinking alcohol once again felt really good.

On another note, I just found out today that I and Tiffany Haddish share the same born day. I mean that is such a reaffirming information, because I always felt connected to her, like we are kindred spirits and that her personality could have been mine if I didn’t grow up in an African setting. So, cheers and here is to me fanning out about that information.



Ms Combs

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