Lets talk communication. Imagine a relationship between two deaf and dumb people, if it can work then how and why shouldn’t a marriage with two people with no speech or hearing impediments be faced with communication issues. That is the story of some marriages and indeed mine.

Even though I know the reasons for this challenge. I think we take each other for granted, so much that we do things to each other that if roles where turned, the doer wouldn’t like such treatment. Even worse, without an apology and explanation, but an attitude of I-can-do-whatever-I-like and I-am-my-own-boss, what will you do about it. Secondly, I think meaningful time,emotional alertness and being present physically and mentally in a relationship/marriage is very important. Thirdly, always making an effort to do something nice and kind to your partner and show appreciation for actions is key. Having identified all the issues and solutions, how come it is difficult to incorporate this in my situation. The answer is ego and pride perhaps. Sometimes you feel today we will thrash this out, and then the other person never shows up and never deems it fit to apologise for being absent or late or responds solely on the defensive . Then you think there is that behavior again why bother!

Away from this, this week I got up to watching another episode of ”Being Mary Jane”episode 12 season 4, and the quote for that episode :

”You must not fight too often with one enemy,or you will teach him all your ART of WAR”

I being a very observant person, perceptive and opinionated person, this quote made me think deeply, because it is my truth and i feel like i have been at war for a while now !

Back to Being Mary Jane, how annoying is the character. Sometimes the sexual freedom and versatility she portrays scares me and in my head she is a white collar slut, and it almost whittles down the intelligence she portrays. I mean how can you fall for Justin’s fakery and leave/hurt Lee for someone so unpredictable and conniving. If you are a feminist or are all about women empowerment and strength, Being Mary Jane just might be the show for you.At least that what made me start watching it, apart from discovering the complexities of genders, the different mistakes we make in men and relationship, and the different personalities and packages of men that exist



Ms Combs


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