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The gospel of positivity

When you give in to the negativity in your life, you begin to loose focus of who you are. At the end of the day people help people, and people bring people down. You are either someone that elevates another or someone that brings another down. Be reminded that it is only someone close to...
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Woes of Creche

Baby Combs started creche at 6months, and I was reluctant to let her go, not because I am this fussy mother or because I am still at home on maternity leave, but because I knew that going to creche exposes a baby to many things like Catarrh and cough and other infectious disease and habits....
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Collateral Beauty

Have you seen Will Smith's movie ''Collateral beauty''? Watching this movie sparked thoughts in my head and influenced this week's blog post. The movie was different shades of deep. What was particularly significant for me was the moral that in the midst of sadness, life and negativity we have to see the good side or...
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