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Happy Weekend

Its been a while I had fun for the weekend. Not like my was  adventurous and awesome, but within the circumstances of no light, no water and no petrol supply in Nigeria, any kind of fun is FUN!. Plus it has become my note-to-self not to stay at home dulling over the weekend running on...
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Smart storage tips

I love storage organizers and ideas. I mean any handy or utility item that helps maximize and conserve space/energy. They always help you keep things compact, that is why one of my favorite store is ''The Container Store''; ''Bed, Bath and Beyond'' and similar stores. When I enter these stores, I feel like I am...
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This trip was on my bucketlist, along with other choice destinations. I decided to do this with my vacay/travel buddy. Ultimately it was great experience. Miami is an expensive city to tour, so you need to really brace up and take advantage of discounts and great deals. LODGING- We stayed at the Catalina Hotel and Beach...
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