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Its almost my Birthday

Hey Combians, it is another time in the year where I gear up to celebrate my birthday. This year is no different, because I will be turning the big 30. For me this marks a beginning to greater things. I am usually big about birthday celebrations but somehow I never get around to hosting friends...
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Three words you live by

Take a minute,think of what values you consider most important than any other thing, things that are deal breakers. Then stop thinking! what are they? For me its Honesty,Loyalty and Humanity/Compassion . I am sure trust was supposed to be on that list but that is worthless these days. Today I got to catching up with...
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Lets talk communication. Imagine a relationship between two deaf and dumb people, if it can work then how and why shouldn't a marriage with two people with no speech or hearing impediments be faced with communication issues. That is the story of some marriages and indeed mine. Even though I know the reasons for this challenge....
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Keep it real

How you all doing Combians? There is so much to be stressed with and by in this world, especially in this part of the world where the systems and structures work backwards and upside down almost against you. But amidst all this, there are some stuff you do not need in your life to add...
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Random facts about me

I was just sitting watching TV with my lil Baby Combs and I started thinking of weird, normal, spontaneous, abnormal,freaky or whatever name you choose to call it, things about me.So here goes:
  1. I love the color purple (preferably royal purple and lavender)
  2. I cant sleep without washing my face and feet
  3. I like Asian food
  4. In my mind...
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