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My maternity leave tales

Hey Combians. It has been a time of several emotions these past 4weeks since the birth of my daughter. I cant tell you its been a totally sweet experience because I like to be honest. It has been stressful and boring but I can only imagine it will be rewarding in hindsight. It has been...
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How it went down

I decided to share with you my birthing experience, just to encourage someone to have faith in the testimony of a supernatural birth. everything just happened divinely like my angel was at work and in turbo mode that weekend. On Thursday morning, I had a bloody show with a blob of clotted blood as I...
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Say something Positive

I wanted to title my post ''Say something positive or say nothing'', but I thought it would be too long for the headline. But this post is inspired by some personal changes I have been experiencing physically, emotionally and biologically. Basically I am pregnant with my first child and I am moving towards the culmination...
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