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Making a Burrito

Sometime ago I decided to make a burrito, out of curiosity. i bought the tortilla , the green pepper, yellow pepper and red pepper, hot pepper,cabbage, jalapenos, onions, chicken, and shrimp (tomato is optional, but if you think the heat is too much from all that peppers then feel free, play with ingredients and flavours). ...
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This Sunday for my evening snack, I decided to make Akara (fried bean cake) because I felt I hadn’t had enough protein for the day. I decided to do something different with my Akara this time. Mr first confession is that I used the quick mix method. I used beans flour (yes I know I cheated...
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Making water yam balls- Ojojo

Balls, yes i said BALLS!!! (hahaha). I decided to make water yam balls, popularly called 'ojojo'. I grated the yam (the old school method) and added salt, chopped onions,grinded crayfish,chopped fresh peppers, smoked 'panla' fish and smoked mackerel. Thats how I roll with my Ojojo. My rationale is to let every bite be a delightful...
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