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Smart storage tips

I love storage organizers and ideas. I mean any handy or utility item that helps maximize and conserve space/energy. They always help you keep things compact, that is why one of my favorite store is ''The Container Store''; ''Bed, Bath and Beyond'' and similar stores. When I enter these stores, I feel like I am...
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I just want to Vent

I have been so stressed out these past few days,I have had so many things to deal with. It is not easy being a Nigerian, its like the odds are against you from all fronts. We have to deal with the power situation, the hot and harsh weather, poor health facilities, the sky-rocketing exchange rate,...
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Choices and reflections

Sometimes when I sit down to meditate on the plan for my life going forward and to reflect on my past , I think about my life  choices on love,relationships, career, socials and investments. At times i regret some choices, but I can only imagine what my life would have been like in my reflections,...
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Making a Burrito

Sometime ago I decided to make a burrito, out of curiosity. i bought the tortilla , the green pepper, yellow pepper and red pepper, hot pepper,cabbage, jalapenos, onions, chicken, and shrimp (tomato is optional, but if you think the heat is too much from all that peppers then feel free, play with ingredients and flavours). ...
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My first Nigerian vacation

With this dollar price increase and economic downturn , I find it financially challenging to plan a vacation, especially when you believe there are better things to use your hard-earned money for. I really believe in vacations and traveling around the world, but at what cost. You have to draw a line. Rather than compromise...
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