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Crazy lady inside

At this rate I think I have to buy me some of Steve Harvey's advice/relationship books. He is just hitting the right nails and ticking the right boxes for me after all these Youtube clips I  have been watching. Sometimes I think men just want to get a reaction from you, I think they poke and...
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New habits

In 2018 while I was self evaluating, I decided to start some new habits with myself. One, I resolved to start writing more. Basically to endeavor to pen down or put into writing dreams, aspirations, thoughts, expectations, revelations and emotions. This habit has helped me a lot this 2018 in letting out a lot of...
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Mother’s day

This year's Mother's Day really tested me as a mother being a care giver and nurturer. I spent my Mother's day at home nursing my little angel off Measles.Somehow she was vaccinated in February and managed to still get infected with Measles in March. Luckily, I didn't contact the viral disease. How I managed not...
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Unwrapping Meghan Markle

Who are you woman? This post is about finding your voice as a woman. Now I know that may be a wrong place to start from because firstly women should have a voice. So what we should be discussing is empowering that voice. Unfortunately the realities of this statement are different across a spectrum of...
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20 questions to know me

Just in case you are new on this blog, welcome to a chamber in my mind where I have full access to be weird, bougie, ghetto, rich, edgy and careless.  Let me help you get to know me real quick. Here goes 20 quick questions about me you probably didn't know before- 1)My mentor and role...
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Facts, family & Feud

FACTS One fact is that I am Charismatic, determined, witty, articulate, funny, hard-working, ambitious, intuitive, innovative,friendly and that i want to have a great career life. Facts is that sometimes I am depressed and bitter but that only happens when there is a trigger. Another fact is that I am OCD and I hate filthy places,...
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