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Random facts about me

I was just sitting watching TV with my lil Baby Combs and I started thinking of weird, normal, spontaneous, abnormal,freaky or whatever name you choose to call it, things about me.So here goes:
  1. I love the color purple (preferably royal purple and lavender)
  2. I cant sleep without washing my face and feet
  3. I like Asian food
  4. In my mind...
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3 important questions

Today's post is inspired by Oprah and Michael Jackson, so I would like to acknowledge them first. I decided to watch the Youtube documentary about Michael Jackson after watching Wendy Williams rave about the biopic lifetime movie based on the life of Michael Jackson. after watching the documentary,I watched the Oprah interview for probably the...
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Woes of Creche

Baby Combs started creche at 6months, and I was reluctant to let her go, not because I am this fussy mother or because I am still at home on maternity leave, but because I knew that going to creche exposes a baby to many things like Catarrh and cough and other infectious disease and habits....
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Frustrations of a driver

Today I want to dedicate this rant post to Nigerian drivers and the annoying things they do. I honestly believe that 70% of Nigerian drivers did not learn how ti drive with a driving instructor or professional. Most drivers especially  male drivers learn how to drive themselves by experiment or are taught by a friend....
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