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A weird september

September has been a trying month for me physically and biologically. My body has been going through things I never imagined would ever happened. I have covered the pains I was feeling with the happiness and purpose of my new job. For the first time in my life I bled for over 3weeks and medically...
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When grace works

When grace is present you your life it makes a lot of difference.  For over 6years, I have been in the pursuit of Career fulfillment until recently, I found a way out of the professional depression I was going through. I finally left a dark and unhappy place and a state of mind and I...
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A new culture for men

I would like to address 3 issues I think is important to build a well-rounded and emotionally conscious man. Expression of vulnerability- the freedom and pride in the ability to openly show vulnerability either by being emotional or crying Expression of emotion, love and affection- The liberation in openly saying ''I love you'', showing affection by kissing,...
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Gratefull & Gracefool

For over 5years I have given value to an organization and for 3years out of the 5yrears I was under valued, under appreciated and not promoted just because of envy and a flawed system. God works is miraculous ways, we can never understand his way and his works.I have been showered with so much grace...
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Female Validation Pt2

I grew up in an environment where my father valued the opinion of his daughters more than the opinion of the son. My father trained us to feel valuable, special, worthy and success driven. My parents gave us the tools educationally and mentally to succeed. Perhaps that is why I feel like if my father...
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This movie is so brilliant. It is my movie of the week because it touches on many issues and perspectives. The story centers on a couple in a relationship from College to their post-College/Marriage years. The first part of the movie tells a story from the woman's perspective ,then the remaining part of the story...
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