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Female validation Pt1

Today I decided to rant to get some things off my chest. For years now I have been searching for my dream job and finding my purpose. During the course of this time I have identified the things that interest me and pursued them. However I have found that opportunities have come up for me...
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Advice for young ladies

Having being married for about 3years I have garnered some experiences ,knowledge and wisdom to help younger ladies make a decision about when or who to marry. I recall before I got married , during the months of courtship and marriage counseling, I took some personal tests to confirm and reassure myself of my decision. One...
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Find your fire!

I was going through my LinkedIn page and I came across a link to what I am about to share with you. I have been finding motivation all about Youtube this year 2018, so I found this for you to catch the wave and the inspiration from great people. Please watch these videos and digest the...
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Crazy lady inside

At this rate I think I have to buy me some of Steve Harvey's advice/relationship books. He is just hitting the right nails and ticking the right boxes for me after all these Youtube clips I  have been watching. Sometimes I think men just want to get a reaction from you, I think they poke and...
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New habits

In 2018 while I was self evaluating, I decided to start some new habits with myself. One, I resolved to start writing more. Basically to endeavor to pen down or put into writing dreams, aspirations, thoughts, expectations, revelations and emotions. This habit has helped me a lot this 2018 in letting out a lot of...
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Mother’s day

This year's Mother's Day really tested me as a mother being a care giver and nurturer. I spent my Mother's day at home nursing my little angel off Measles.Somehow she was vaccinated in February and managed to still get infected with Measles in March. Luckily, I didn't contact the viral disease. How I managed not...
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