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I am a professional skilled in her field, an expressive person. When my life has come to an end I want it to be said of me that I lived and I impacted . Therefore I do  not only want to be known as a daughter, sister,mother and wife, a great cook , a home maker , a friend, and a traveler; I also want to be known for this blog and many other things that will be memorable for all to see.




our bloggers

Majorly me as the writer. However, the blog will feature guest writers once in a while just to add to the flavor of things.

  • Ms Combs

      Ms Combs is a vibrant, young , gidi and fun-spirited lady working her way to the top...




This blog is about my lessons , my inner thoughts , my discussion and arguments with self and experiences in life, career, as a young wife, travel, food and cooking, cool deals, cool online stores ,websites and so on. Its a place I can share my random thoughts and experiences as a young married woman, a lady of simplicity and style ,an adventure seeker, a free spirit…

I take you through my life and bucketlist of activities with personal stories you can relate to.

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