Monthly Archives: August 2017

Its almost my Birthday

Hey Combians, it is another time in the year where I gear up to celebrate my birthday. This year is no different, because I will be turning the big 30. For me this marks a beginning to greater things. I am usually big about birthday celebrations but somehow I never get around to hosting friends...
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Three words you live by

Take a minute,think of what values you consider most important than any other thing, things that are deal breakers. Then stop thinking! what are they? For me its Honesty,Loyalty and Humanity/Compassion . I am sure trust was supposed to be on that list but that is worthless these days. Today I got to catching up with...
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Lets talk communication. Imagine a relationship between two deaf and dumb people, if it can work then how and why shouldn't a marriage with two people with no speech or hearing impediments be faced with communication issues. That is the story of some marriages and indeed mine. Even though I know the reasons for this challenge....
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